☂ Day 3 - Your anime crush  ☆彡Oreki Houtarou

""A man’s life is like traveling a long road with a load on his shoulders." A long time ago, an old man named Nobuhide Tokugawa said that… the first time I heard that, I thought, what a lame thing to say, but what do you know, that old guy had a point."

Out of the maze of flowers


why cant fuckin weebs just accept that klk is fanservice like fuck goddamnit you can enjoy it and still admit it it’s kind of gross. you’re allowed to do that. people don’t care as long as you arent pretending ryuuko’s titties out has goddamn biblical meaning

make me choose :: Shogo Makishima or Itachi Uchiha asked by shoukaze



there are a lot of different type of mangakas, but then we have Sorachi Hideaki, who forgets to draw the second most popular character on his series who was theoretically in scene during the whole chapter, and so then names the fucking chapter “Hijikata crosses into the mayonnaise line and disappears”